Dangers of Ammonia in Hair Colour

Dangers of Anhydrous Ammonia in Hair Color


dangers of ammoniaEveryone knows Ammonia is a dangerous chemical.

Ammonia is a corrosive & can damage skin easily. It produces toxic gases & is found in only the harshest household cleaners.

Ammonia is commonly used in many hair care products for two reasons:

  • Ammonia is a very cheap chemical to manufacture.
  • Ammonia is able to smash open the hair shaft and cuticle to get the colour pigment into your hair.

Unfortunately Ammonia is so damaging to the hair that it the damage it does cannot be repaired (no matter how many treatments are applied). The end result is the day you leave the salon your hair looks wonderful. From that day on it becomes:

  • Dry;
  • Hard to style;
  • The colour washes out daily;
  • And overall the time between visits to the stylist decreases.

Now that is great for your stylist but not so great for you or your wallet!

Most people do not realise they have a choice. They think to have colour you simply have to accept dry hair that is difficult to manage & style. This is NOT the case!!!

The Chi Colour System is one such ammonia-free, natural styled product that colours & maintains natural hair health. 

Ammonia is a nasty chemical. Typically used in toilet & bathroom cleaners. It is used in hair colouring to open the hair. It dehydrates the hair which is the complete opposite to what you should do to your hair.

Because Ammonia has been so widely used for so many years many people think it is totally harmless. Not so. Just ready the safety warnings on the side of an ammonia based cleaner to see just how dangerous ammonia really is! Warnings include:

  • Daily exposure to ammonia will cause high blood pressure, pulmonary edema, and bronchitis.
  • Continued contact with ammonia hydroxide will dry the skin and damage skin cells and eventually cause serious skin complications.
  • Exposure to ammonia fumes will damage eyes, liver, kidneys, and lungs.
  • Even brief exposure to ammonia fumes can be an asthma trigger and irritate or amplify allergies.

What does Ammonia do to your Hair?

  • Dry Coloured HairDestroys Tyrosine, the protein that regulates the production of melanin, hair’s natural pigments.
  • Hair looks dry & is difficult to style.
  • Destroys hair’s natural ability to “hold” colour.
  • May cause an inflammatory effect on the scalp.
  • Opens the cuticle but destroys the hair’s cuticle.
  • Conditioning the hair will help to temporarily close down the cuticle but will not repair the cuticle damage.
  • Ammonia dehydrates hair & skin.
  • Deep damage cause to cells within your hair cannot be repaired even if ‘salon treatments’ are used.

Now days there are simply better, safer ways to colour your hair. Whilst these products are more expensive when you weigh up the benefits & see the results for yourself you will be glad you gave the ammonia free products a chance (Click Here for more on ammonia-free Chi Products).