Environmentally Friendly Hair Care Products

What are Environmentally Friendly Hair Care Products!

As a Hairdresser for over 30 years Hanson Ler is committed to the industry. He believes that educating his clients and keeping up to date the latest trends & products is vital. Hanson constantly updates his knowledge through study and research into many of the commonly available hair and personal care products. Seems now-a-days more and more people suffering from skin problems & allergies making the selection of the tight hair care products more important then ever before.

“A study conducted by the University of California revealed that more than 58,000 hairdressers, manicurists and cosmetologists developed cancer believed to be due to their environment. This was four times the rate of the general population.”

Environmentally Friendly Hair Care ProductsThere is a real risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals used in everyday beauty and hygiene products. Shampoo, Conditioner, hair gels and hair sprays are amongst the most toxic products used by many of us every day.

There are 34 known toxic chemicals used in personal care products commonly sold in this country. They maybe:

  • harmful to skin and hair;
  • contribute to aging;
  • actually add little benefit to the product;
  • and should be completely avoided.

The risk comes from the frequent use. Babies and pregnant women are also being exposed without being warned of the possible dangers.

Sodium Laurel-Sulfate (SLS) is found in most products including baby products.

Do we stop using personal care products or do we find a safer alternative?

Modern Style Cut for modern womanAt Hanson Ler’s Salon we try to find the best, environmentally safe, Non-Toxic, Organic  products. Our salon offers a full range of hair care products that are affordable to everyone.

Hanson Salon uses only Pure Natural Silk in Colours. We have the most innovative technology available today:

  • Pure Natural Silk. 1
  • 20 (microns) of Silk Molecules will penetrate into the cortex during the colour procedure to bond and strengthen the hair inside to outside.
  • 750 ( microns) will fill any voids on cuticle layer, repair any split ends and protect the cuticle layer.
  • Silk contains 17 out of 19 Amino Acids found in hair so it can bond, repair and strengthen the hair during colour process.
  • Silk is the strongest fibre in the world-equal to steel.
  • Silk can hold moisture up to 2.5 times it’s own weight improving the elasticity.

If you have concerns we have solutions:

A Revolutionary New Range of Safer Products for our customers that have concerns regarding chemical services.

  • Pregnant Woman
  • Headache & Migrane Suffers
  • History of Cancer
  • Chemotherapy Treatment
  • Skin Irritation or Sensitivity
  • Asthma or Respiratory Problems

Our Environmentally Friendly Products are:

  • Environmentally Safe;
  • No Fumes to inhale by staff or clients;
  • Not tested on animals;
  • Friendly and no burning sensation on scalp;
  • Non- Toxic
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