Hair Straightening Gold Coast – Farewell to Frizz

Hanson Salon proprietor Hanson Ler said his philosophy was to create the ultimate in hair design. “Through this hair straightening, we are infinitely more successful when we take the time to analyse our client’s needs, the capabilities of their hair fibre and the face shape that will wear our design, “Hanson said. For anyone who is weary of unruly, unmanageable curly hair there is at least an answer. A revolutionary hair straightening southport treatment is now available, it is bound to be a godsend to people with frizzy, kinky hair which drives them crazy when they try to style it.

Thanks, to the hairdresser southport, they can say goodbye to the wild look and enjoy straight silky hair.


Fairwell to frizz

Other kinds of hair straighteners may infact damage the hair, causing it to break and lose pigmentation but the hair straightening southport at Hanson Salon is one of a kind. It actually rearranges the basic structure of overly curly hair into a straight form. When used by a professional, it leaves the hair straight and in good condition. A trained cosmetologist will examine the hair to determine its texture, porosity, elasticity and the extent before recommending any hairdressers south port treatment. The basic product commonly used in hair straightening gold coast treatment is ammonium thioglycolate but in Hanson Salon, they use a different type of chemical which gently penetrates into the cortical layers that softens and breaks the cross bonds of sulphur and hydrogen. A professionally trained stylist will distribute the chemical evenly, allowing it to penetrate, loosen and relax the curl and fizz. Their hairdresser southport professional will determine what your hair will or will not do on its own.

At Hanson Salon, clients receives a free hair analysis, free before and after photographs and free hair products for every $100 spent. The ratio is significant because the protein types in the cortex are differently from the protein type in the cuticle. Hanson Salon was nominated as the best hair straightening gold coast hairdresser by Bulletin readers last year. Hanson Salon will strive even harder this year to bring the best hairdresser southport standards.