Re-bonding / Relaxer Hair Straightening Treatment

The Re-bonding Hair Straightening Treatment used at our Southport salon is Exclusive to Hanson Salon. The hair straightening product used is imported from overseas and no other hair dresser on the Gold Coast uses the same product. Which is why our clients have been coming to Hanson’s hairdressing salon for many, many years.

Hanson Customers

The Art of Expert Styling

Hanson Ler has over 30 years experience in hair styling and hair straightening in Southport. During that time he has successfully straightened hair that has been:

  • Chemically damage,
  • Mechanically damage,
  • Or even the most unmanageable curls, wavy, kinky, frizzy we can solve all your hair problems.
  • Some hair straightening southport products do a very poor job on certain hair types. The products used in Hanson’s salon do take longer to apply but the results last many times longer then cheaper, more commonly used hair straightening products.Hanson & Stella have trained and worked in:
  • London, Paris,
  • L.A.,
  • New York,
  • Singapore.Now days they operate from home so they can provide designer style cuts for a fraction of the cost of the high rent salons.Hanson has been a stylist for over 30 years. A master in Razor Cutting and Re-bonding in South port Australia.treatment with colour

    Hanson Salon says:

    “Natural curl can be a nightmare because some curls seem to have a mind their own. It is difficult to keep the stylish look without a full time stylist unless we use the very latest in Re-bonding Treatment Technology. The products we use are exclusive to our salon and allows our clients to just: ‘wash and wear.’ No additional styling is required and your hair will feel soft , silky, shinning and remain 100% manageable between stylings.”

    Whether you want your hair straightened or simply want a beautiful stylish look that will stay salon beautiful an expert will follow always

    • s52Hair analysis – assessing the condition of the hair and the type of cut previously used.
    • Visible inspection which takes years to master.
    • Scalp check,
    • Hair strand test,
    • Porosity,
    • Previous Chemically treatments used.
    • Any damaged caused by chemicals or mechanically.
    • Allergy awareness – some people are hypersensitive to chemical products.
    • Check hair texture (fine, medium or coarse) to determine hairstyles.
    • Face shape evaluations for choosing the right hairstyle

    At Hanson’s South port Salon the art of hair straightening is definitely different to that of other hairdressers.


For More Information Please ring Hanson for hair straightening service on Ph: 5531 0771