Hair Styling from Master Hair Stylist Hanson Ler Ph: 0401 858 855

  • Ever felt like your last stylist just wasn't getting it right?
  • Ever wondered why the regrowth seems to come back so fast?
  • Ever wondered why your latest colour seems to fade, turn 'brassy or just look Dull?
  • Ever wondered why your hair doesn't hold its shape almost the day after it has been styled?
  • Hanson is a trained cosmetologist.
  • He will examine your hair to determine its texture, porosity, elasticity & and the amount of damage you may have.
  • Once the analysis is complete then a professional Stylist can recommend the correct treatment.
  • In addition once we know what condition your hair is in then it is easy for a professional stylist to recommend hair will and will not do on its own.
  • Different hair types have different structural characteristics which is why the initial analysis is so helpful.
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Beauty Woman with Long Healthy and Shiny Smooth Brown Hair
Voted Best Gold Coast HairDresser by GC Bulletin Readers in 2002
For a limited time Southport's master hairdresser & stylist is offering this unique opportunity to sit down with him for a Free 20 minute consultation

Hanson Ler has worked in Singapore, London, Paris, New York & Italy & brings over 30 years of International Hair Styling Experience back to the Gold Coast.

In re-establishing his Salon in Southport Hanson is determined to bring his International Flair back to the Gold Coast &, in particular, back to the residents of Southport. We want our clients to experience the very latest International Styles & Techniques.

Clients also receive a free hair analysis, at Hanson Salon.