About Us – Hanson Salon Gold Coast

About Us – Hanson explains:

“In the past 30 yrs. I have worked with many people including Vidal Sassoon. I have specialised in ‘razor cutting’ because it gives the longest lasting cut and styling and enables me to give hair a shape and body that most ‘stylists’ simply can’t match.

Modern Style Cut for modern womanI have also developed a technique for straightening hair that uses skills I have developed overseas using products that I import and which are exclusive to my salon.

I am fortunate to still be as passionate today as the day I first began my journey into hair design. A journey which has taken me to Singapore, Paris and many places in between. I am now proud to call the Gold Coast my home and I invite you to experience the Hanson difference.”

The Hanson Salon Gold Coast Difference.

  • 30 years of Hair Styling and Hair Design.
  • Training from Vidal Sassoon himself.
  • Hanson has owned and operated Internationally recognised salons in metropolises such as Singapore.
  • Still passonate about his craft.
  • Select cliental only.

When you walk in:

No crowds, no assistants just 100% personal attention.

Hanson washes your hair himself.

Long Hair stylesWhy? Because the simple act of washing your hair tells an experience stylist:

  • What condition you hair is in.
  • What treatments your hair may need.
  • What styles your hair will hold.
  • What cuts have been made recently.
  • How to create a design that fits you and your lifestyle.


It takes years of experience to develop the skills required to analyse hair and face shapes. Hanson Ler believes that it is vital that he understands the client’s hair in order to design the ultimate look.

Always wanted Straight Hair but thought it was Impossible?

Pictures don’t lie. Hanson Ler specialises in long term hair straightening.


Unfortunately very few salons on the Gold Coast have a great depth of experience working with some hair types. At the Hanson Salon we use a product that we import ourselves because we know it works better on a wider variety hair types.

Hanson also uses a technique that is not used in Australia so the results look better and last for months.

Make a Booking Phone: 0401 858855  By Appointment Only