Intensive KP3 Treatment

Intensive KP3 Treatment

Beautiful young woman getting a hair wash.Exclusive to our salon the Intensive KP3 treatment will restore your hair to its full natural beauty.

  • Keratin Protein Treatment is a very intensive for hair been degraded by chemicals process.
  • This is a must treatment for everyone.
  • Whether your hair is chemically treated or not you still need to treat it.
  • For normal hair with no chemicals service you need once in 6 weeks home treated (please contact us for a home care regiment).
  • For chemically treated hair between once in 3 to 4 for weeks (home regiment is recommended).
  • For chemically damged hair once every week (In-Salon treatment required).

Intensive KP3 Treatment – 3 Step Treatment System:

The three-step process:

  1. Uses a concentrate of hydrolysed protein for moisture lock-in and protection base for the hair.
  2. It requires one hour  and must be massage into hair cuticles.
  3. It delivers its active ingredients to transform the condition of hair and leave it visibly healthier.

It prevents the hair from breaking and lasts six to eight weeks, depending on what condition your hair is to begin with and the type of shampoo you use.

During the treatment the KP3 product creates an Interbond Conditioning system. Reconditioning your hair using the KP3 treatment deeply infuses a high concentration of ingredients into the cuticle and cortex to fortify and moisturise the hair. There is no doubt that healthy hair is the essential ingredient in having a style that holds its shape longer and with much less upkeep on a day to day basisTo have a nice hairstyle, first you must have healthy hair.

Using the KP3 Treatment for Hair Straightening:

  • Beautiful sensual womanThe KP3 treatment is applied and massaged through every individual strand of hair to restructure the intensity of protein and moisture balance before straightening is begun.
  • Every individual strand regardless of the amount of wave or the length, must be run through straightening iron to achieve the best result.
  • Careful attention is paid to ensure the hair is not bent bent during straightening process.
  • The Hanson Exclusive Straightening Cream is carefully applied.
  • Rinsed off with warm water thoroughly remove all traces.
  • A Neutraliser is then used.
  • During neutralising phase frequent checks are made to ensure every strand is maintaining shape.
  • Finally shampooing allows for a final check and restores the natural pH of the hair of 4.5 to 5.5 pH.
  • Your newly straightened hair is now ready for the style cut you have always wanted.

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